Ride in the happiest Nation – Bhutan

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Ride in the happiest Nation – Bhutan

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Tour Overview

Experiencing the countries surrounded by the magnificent Himalayas is always a worthwhile experience. Bhutan, sacred lands isolated from the outside world by the rugged mountainous terrain, have become places that, just by hearing the name, everyone wants to temporarily ignore all the chaos of life to come here to immerse your soul in peace and happiness. If there are days when you just want to give up everything to find inner peace, remember that somewhere in the world, there are still countries like Bhutan that welcome you.

Day 01

Arrival Siliguri Airport

Arrive at Siliguri - Bagdogra Airport and then drive to the border town Phuentsholing (Bhutan). On arrival at Bagdogra airport your MotoMonks representative will greet you and drive you to the border town, Phuesntsholing (Bhutan). Your visa formalities will be completed here. After lunch you may relax, take a walk around town or get yourself some refreshment.
Day 02

Phuentsholing to Paro. Distance 165km (7-8 hours) Altitude 2280m above sea level

Well received your motorbikes, we riding off to our first point, Paro through Chhuzom Bridge, catching first Highway in Bhutan which is built in 1962 by Dantak (Indian border-road organization). This is most important road for the Bhutanese and is of heavy traffic. 90% of trade in Bhutan is with India and is conducted through this town.
Day 03

In Paro. Tiger’s Nest Hike. Altitude at Monastery 3000m
> Today is one of the major highlights of the tour

We take the wonderful 3 hours hike up to Taktshang Monastery (Tiger’s nest) and 2 hours back to car parking: it is Bhutan’s most recognizable culture icon perched 800m up a seemingly sheer cliff. It is believed in the 8th century the great tantric master Guru Rimpoche (2nd Buddha) flew on the back of a tigress to the site where the monastery now stands. After the hike we will check in to a Hotel in Paro. Thereon will be an open plan, some can stroll around town or enjoy your time at the spa.
Day 04

Paro to Thimphu City via Haa valley. Distance 180 km. (6 hours). Altitude 2290m above sea level

Today morning we will be doing a fantastic climb-ride up to the Cheli La pass (3,990m). The highest motor able pass in Bhutan. If weather permits, we’ll enjoy the breathtaking views of snowcapped mountains. Than decent to Haa valley. Afternoon will ride to Thimphu City. Thereon will be an open plan, some can stroll around city or night out to witness the night life and the party scene of Bhutan.
Day 05

Thimphu to Phobjikha via Dochula Pass (3140m ASL). Distance 136km (6 hours)

Morning ride towards Phobjikha Valley via Punakha and Wangdue town, We will come across a pass knows as Dochula (3140m ASL) from where a beautiful panoramic view of the Himalayan mountain range can be seen, especially in clear winter days. The beauty of this place is further enhanced by the Druk Wangyal Chortens-a 108 stupas built by eldest Queen, Her Majesty Ashi Dorji Wangmo After stopping for tea and the view, we descend along a series of hairpin bends to the fertile valley of Punakha.

Visit Punakha Dzong, winter seat of the Je Khenpo and the Monk Body, remarkably located between the rivers of the Mo (Female) Chu and Pho (Male) Chu. After sightseeing continue towards Phobjikha Valley. Overnight in Phobjikha valley 2700m ASL.
Day 06

Phobjikha to Trongsa via Pelela Pass 3390m ASL. Distance 120km. (4 hours).

After breakfast ride towards Trongsa, Visit Museum: Situated strategically above the Trongsa dzong, the Ta Dzong served as the watch tower for centuries. It was built by Choeje Minjur Tempa in 1652.

The museum is equipped with state of the art technology and includes a media room where visitors can watch a documentary. The Ta Dzong was renovated and converted as a museum at a cost of Nu. 97 millions funds from the Austrian government. The museum is dedicated to the coronation and centenary celebrations.
Day 07

Trongsa to Bumthang. Via Yotongla Pass 3425m ASL. Distance 68km. (2 hours)

On the way out of Trongsa, we stop by the Yathra Center. Hand-woven wool strips with patterns specific to the Bumthang region are called Yathra which hails from one of the highest passes in the country called Yotongla which is at 3425m above sea level.

In the evening we visit Jambay Lhakhang: one of the 108 monasteries built by King Songtsen Goenpo in the 8th century to subdue evil spirits in Himalayan region.
Day 08

Bumthang to Mongar. Distance 193 km. (8 hours)

From Bumthang (Central Bhutan), we'll be starting early and heading to the beautiful Mongar town. Breathtaking surrounding vegetation as we descend through the various climate zones.

Road surprise for today is Namling Brak and Thrumshingla Pass (2nd the highest motor able pass in Bhutan) 3750m above sea level through Ura Valley. We will have some good tea and coffee breaks on the way.
Day 09

Sarchu to Manali (230 kms - 10 hours)

The views only get better when you see them the other way round. The last day of riding the high passes today to get to the other side. Night halt in Manali.
Day 10

Manali to Chandigarh (300 kms - 10 hours)

We take the more interesting route to Chandigarh and make sure your last day is interesting even though the heat is on the rise. We get to Chandigarh and party with memories of the journey!!
Day 11

Onward journey from Chandigarh as planned by you.
Day 12

Trek Arvatal to Ghastali (3790mtr), Distance 15 km, 6 to 7 hr.


  • Motorcycles up to 500cc (Royal Enfield Himalayan available at extra cost of USD300.00 for the entire trip)
  • All accommodation in good listed hotels, camps or homestays on double/twin occupancy.
  • Backup vehicle with mechanic.
  • Highly experienced English and Hindi speaking tour guides
  • Buffet Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner as specified in program
  • Tea and snacks enroute.
  • Bottled water (2L per person per day)


  • International airfare and visa.
  • Travel & personal Insurance
  • Personal riding gear
  • Tips
  • Items of personal nature
  • Spare parts

Riding Gear

  • Good certified helmets, preferably full face. You may wear the full face helmet you use while riding in your country since comfort on these bumpy roads is important.
  • Jacket and riding trousers with protection. Alternatively a good set of knee and elbow guards.
  • Riding boots with protection. Alternatively, you may wear a good pair of high ankle boots with steel / composite toe protection.
  • Riding gloves with protection.
  • Good tint or clear glasses to wear in the helmet for protection against sun and dust.

All the above riding gear should preferably be waterproof in case the weather goes bad. It gets really cold when it rains or snows.

You may carry hydration packs, tank bags, GPS systems, etc as per your convenience.


Carry only essentials that you need for your use since the flight allowance from Leh to Delhi is only 15kg check in and 5kg hand luggage. Avoid paying excess baggage.

Essentials you should have

  • Just enough clothes to last you for the trip since you will get laundry services in Leh directly.
  • Warm wear – Pull overs, sweaters, thermal inners or anything else you feel is required by you in low temperatures.
  • One pair of sandals, flip-flops or sneakers that you are comfortable with.
  • Hiking pants / shorts or any other basic hiking gear you might want to carry.
  • Enough underclothes and socks.
  • Medicines if you are on a certain routine medication and any other medication you think you might need.
  • Free luggage space if you intend to shop for memorabilia / souvenirs from the trip.

Altitude Sickness

What is altitude sickness?

Altitude sickness usually affects us at altitudes higher than 2500 m (8000 ft) above mean sea level. The first feel of reduced oxygen in the air is by getting breathless during activities that would be commonplace to us at home. It is quite similar to a hangover – it causes headache, nausea, and fatigue. This is very common: some people are only slightly affected, others feel awful.

What causes altitude sickness?

Altitude sickness happens because there is less oxygen in the air that you breathe at high altitudes.  It can happen to anyone. Even physically fit individuals are not protected Olympic athletes get altitude sickness too. Part of the mystery of acute mountain sickness is that it is difficult to predict who will be affected. There are many stories of fit and healthy people being badly limited by symptoms of acute mountain sickness, while their older companions have felt fine.

Altitude sickness prevention

Go up slowly, take it easy, and give your body time to get used to the altitude. The body has an amazing ability to acclimatize to altitude. Drink lots of water and eat light food.

Can I take drugs to prevent altitude sickness?

As with everything, many treatments and untested herbal remedies are claimed to prevent mountain sickness. These treatments can make AMS worse or have other dangerous side effects. Only one drug is currently known to prevent AMS and to be safe for this purpose: acetazolamide (diamox). It causes some minor side effects, such as tingling fingers and a funny taste in the mouth.

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