Despite over 15 years of experience in the trade, the first few months went sussing out the industry and trends in Oman. The quest to discover adventure under the power of our own feet routed us to adventure tourism. With the belief of “always thinking outside the box” ringing out loud and true to ears, we set off in defining the most forward-thinking tour operator in Oman.

The foundations were laid and the walls started to rise to reward Arabian Oasis Adventure where adventure travel became a cornerstone of ethics, quality, value for money, excitement and going the extra mile for premium experiences.


Mission and Vision

Arabian Oasis Adventure has chosen never to lose sight of the one thing which matters most in tourism, the tourists.

With a quick turnaround time on all enquiries and top-notch service, always with a smile, we aim to go a little further than everyone else. Why just drink tea, when you can have tea and cookies? Well that is what we asked ourselves. So we set about creating trips that give every one of you a little more for your money.

So come on! Rub that lamp until it shines brightly and email our magic genie about one of our truly memorable trips or services we have on offer. With everything from soft to extreme adventure tours, to cultural tours to deep sea fishing to simply unwind in the lap of nature and luxury experiencing Omani hospitality, you can be sure that one of your dream trips can be found with us.

We don’t just go from point A to B; we take you on a journey, a magic carpet ride, if you will.


We are a group of passionate individuals who live and breathe travel. Our team is meticulous and impeccably trained to make Arabian Oasis Adventure goals a reality.

We design each itinerary around you and work hard to perfect every detail. Arabian Oasis Adventure prides itself in delivering a luxury and trusted experience on board for all its guests.


AOA’s Ambassadors Behind the Wheel

There’s no better way of sightseeing a country than with a local. The loop may complete itself if the local is not only a tour guide but passionate to explore beyond obvious to shed new light on the place they call home.

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