Destination Celebration

Celebrations to the world entail different emotions and qualities, from happiness and gratitude to tears and dancing. The most valuable thing regarding celebrations is that we come together as one family and one world. All through the festivities, we give our guests an experience to sprawl the oasis city packed with gleaming seas and inland mountains.
The world has perceived Sultanate as a great and noble seafaring nation making the indigenous population open and friendly to global visitors. Oman spans oceans, deserts, mountains and wadis (dry river beds), lush green and parched gold coastal regions, unique and rich blend of history and modernity while maintaining its charms that reflect the pasts with a flair that is uniquely Omani. It is conveniently accessible from around the world and offers perfect visit from October to April when the weather is pleasantly warm in the day and cool in the evening.
With over a decade of experience and impeccable lineage, we have steadily improvised to provide our clients with an assurance of reliability and trust. Pampering is our speciality and whether our guests want to bask under the balmy weather or want to enjoy pure elegance and sophisticated comfort, Arabian Oasis Adventure indulges in perfect options for celebrating pre-wedding and post wedding, bachelorette, wedding destination, honeymoon, silver jubilee or hosting your special moments. We have an elite team of planners to make it a mesmerising experience for you and your loved ones.
Our selections of thoughtfully designed standard tours to VIP aerial tours ensure an unforgettable experience for all ages from thrill-seekers to adventure freaks to dining lovers; inspired by distinctive luxury.
Visitors to Oman must obtain a visa online before travel unless the guests come from one of the visa-exempt countries. Tourist’s visas can also be facilitated through Arabian Oasis Adventure as prescribed by Oman Tourism Visa Policy.